TemperaturePro Total Comfort Plan

Preventative Maintenance


Total Comfort is more than just service. It's prevention & piece of mind.

Other service agreements have you pay money for priority service when there’s a problem. With a TemperaturePro Total Comfort Plan, you not only get priority service, you can prevent those problems from happening in the first place, and save money in the process!
Couple relaxing in air conditioning - total home comfort plans in Gaithersburg, MD
Total Comfort Plans - HVAC maintenance plans in Gaithersburg, MD

Why you need a TemperaturePro Total Comfort Plan

Your Air Conditioning System may run nearly 3000 hours in a single year. That is the equivalent of driving your car over 100,000 miles in a year!


A TemperaturePro Total Comfort Plan provides for:
✔ Fewer system breakdowns - about 90% of system breakdowns are caused
by lack of routine maintenance.

✔ Manufacturer visits - receive 2 manufacturer recommended service visits every year.

✔ Scheduled maintenance - we keep track of your scheduled maintenance visits so you don't have to

✔ Response time - enjoy decreased appointment response times with the TemperaturePro Total Comfort Plan.

✔ Avoid major repairs with early issue detection.

✔ 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
✔ On-Going maintenance - receive consistent maintenance that pays for itself in months

✔ Manufacturer's warranty - the TemperaturePro Total Comfort Plan does not void any system manufacturer's warranties.

✔ Early issue identification – a Total Comfort Plan helps you identify issues before they cause failures.

✔ Improved Air quality – breathe easier & reduce your pollutants

✔ Lower electric bills and increased savings.

✔ Optimal performance from your HVAC system.

How a TemperaturePro Total Comfort Membership Benefits You

With year long protection for your heating and air conditioning system, you will enjoy many benefits that will allow you to…

"First-in-line" Service, 24 hours a day.

Our Total Comfort Club members receive emergency service at discounted rates. Plus, the first calls of the day are reserved exclusively for you. Your Personal Comfort is our priority.

Real and tangible savings.

With two tune-ups included in the Total Comfort Plan, you save money right away– $xxx of the cost of purchasing separate heating and air conditioning tuneups.Other benefits include reducing energy bills, preventing repairs and extending equipment life.

Significant discounts.

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Pro Club customers save xx% on all repair costs and pay no diagnostic fees. The discount applies to all repairs for Air Conditioning compressor failures and heat exchangers including those out of warranty.

More savings.

Pro Club customers pay a discounted rate for emergency or after-hours service call fees for repairs. This includes weekends and holidays.


The Heating system checks include safety and exhaust venting. The Air Conditioning system checks includes electrical checks.

What is Included in the Total Comfort Plan?

A TemperaturePro Comfort Plan is more than just a routine check and ‘kicking the tires’. Our factory trained and experienced technicians spend up to 2 hours checking your air conditioning and heating systems.You can count on us to make the proper adjustments and provide you with an honest assessment of your system. We also provide a written report to document the work completed and take the time to answer your questions during each service visit.

Spring Tune Up (cooling)

1. Verify System Operation
2. Check & Replace Air Filters
3. Inspect Coil
4. Check Condensate Pump
5. Check Contactor
6. Check Reversing Valve
7. Inspect & Tighten Electrical Connections
8. Check Motors and Compressor for Electrical Amperage
9. Check Wiring & Voltage
10. Lubricate Mechanical Components & Bearings
11. Check & Tighten Belts
12. Check Ambient Temperature when Running
13. Check Refrigerant Pressures & Temperatures for Proper Operation
14. Check Supply Static Pressure
15. Check Return Static Pressure
16. Check Metering Device
17. Inspect Evaporator Coil
18. Verify a Safety control Established in Secondary Drain Pan.
19. Inspect and Confirm Thermostat Functioning Appropriately.
20. Clean & Inspect HVAC Drainage Hoses & Blow Out Drain

Fall Tune Up (heating)

1. Check filters
2. Check carbon monoxide level
3. Inspect Inducer Motor
4. Inspect and confirm Damper is operating correctly
5. Check Condensate Pump
6. Inspect flue
7. Inspect & tighten electrical connections
8. Check heat exchanger for leaks
9. Check evaporator coil
10. Blow out condensate drains
11. Clean burner assembly
12. Lubricate/oil blower motor
13. Clean & adjust pilot
14. Vacuum area around furnace
15. Check gas connections
16. Check blower motor amperage
17. Check for gas leaks
18. Check return static pressure
19. Check supply static pressure
20. Check combustion air
21. Check thermostat operates correctly