The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

Do not make the mistake of turning on your heating or cooling system and assuming the air emitted through your home's ducts will be perfectly clean. Just like any other space, air ducts gradually accumulate dirt, dust, allergens, and other particles. You and your loved ones should not be exposed to these contaminants each time you turn on the furnace or air conditioning. It is even possible for such particles to build up to the point that they impede the flow of air.

Air Duct Cleaning Frequency

Air ducts should be cleaned at least once every two years. Frequent cleaning will guarantee that your family breathes in the cleanest possible air. If you wait longer than a couple years to have your air ducts cleaned, you and your loved ones run the risk of breathing in everything from allergens to mold, dust, dirt, and all sorts of other unsavory particles.

The Strangest Things Find Their Way Into Air Ducts

Some air ducts serve as makeshift living spaces for insects, small animals, and other vermin. Pollutants can accumulate in this space and be recycled through your heating and cooling systems over and over again, and manifest in the form of black debris along the outside of the vents and/or furnace filter. Such debris is an indication that your system is soiled. Air ducts can also contain mold, mildew, animal droppings, and all sorts of other nasty gunk that should not be redirected to your living space each time the furnace or air conditioning turns on.

Air Duct Cleaning Combats Sickness and Respiratory Problems

If anyone in your family has asthma or any other respiratory problem, it is even more imperative that you eliminate dust mites from your living space. Those who suffer from allergies should not be exposed to dander or pollen. Each of these particles will inevitably accumulate in your home's air ducts unless they are cleaned at the proper frequency. Do not assume you will be able to spot such particles. They are microscopic and therefore are too small to see with the naked eye.   Have your air ducts cleaned frequently and breathe in the fresh and clean air you deserve, and you will find you feel much better.

Increased Efficiency Means Big Savings

Air ducts that are not cleaned for years will gradually build up particles. These particles will eventually block the flow of air. Some will be transported right on back to your heating and cooling systems. The end result will be a reduction in air flow through the ducts, inefficient HVAC operation, and ultimately, higher utility bills. Consider the following statistic: the United States Department of Energy reports upwards of 40 percent of energy used to cool or heat a living space is wasted. Aside from wasting energy, dirty air ducts will also force your system to work harder to reach your selected temperature A system that is forced to work harder than it should will break down that much quicker.

Have your air ducts cleaned by one of our professionals and you will rest easy knowing you are breathing in the cleanest possible air.