The Importance Of Summer HVAC Maintenance For Your Maryland Home

Though you’re able to complete the tasks above on your own, there are a few parts of HVAC maintenance that need to be taken care of by certified HVAC technicians.  At TemperaturePro Central of Maryland, our certified air conditioning technician specialists can complete the following regular AC maintenance services:

  • Clear AC Drain – When your HVAC system’s drain is clogged, your unit has to work much harder to blow out cool air.  Not only does a clogged drain waste the energy of the AC components, but it also raises your electric bills causing inefficiency all around.
  • Clean AC Units (Inside & Outside Units) – Certified AC technicians can easily disassemble your AC unit in order to properly clean the fan blades of your outdoor condenser fan.  After the outside condenser is cleaned the AC technician will proceed by removing dust and debris from the evaporator coil of the indoor unit.  This will ensure your HVAC system is maintained well enough to effectively cool your home through the entire Summer.

During any regular HVAC maintenance or AC tune-up it is important that the following steps are also taken to ensure the best quality of air and cooling continue to be supplied through your entire home:

  • ●Cleaning or Replacing Your Air Filters
  • ●Checking For Fluid Leakage On Indoor AC Units
  • ●Inspect & Test All Major AC Components. This includes the blower motor, compressor, condenser, evaporator, Indoor and outdoor coils, and the thermostat.
  • ●Lubricating / Tightening All Necessary AC Connected Parts
  • ●Checking The AC Refrigerator For Leaks
  • ●Replace Components That May Be Broken


For all other maintenance pertaining to HVAC systems, it is always important to have a certified-HVAC professional to assess your AC maintenance needs.  Ready to get started on your HVAC maintenance?  Contact TemperaturePro Central of Maryland to improve your airflow today!