Signs for Air Conditioner Replacement

When something goes wrong with an air conditioner, it is often difficult to determine if a repair or a replacement is necessary. Oftentimes, even the most experienced air conditioning professional isn't completely sure as to what the best decision is. The bottom line is no one can predict how an air conditioner will perform following a repair. It might function without flaw for years to come or require an additional repair in the coming year. Let's take a look at some general guidance regarding air conditioner replacement and repair to help homeowners make the best decision.


An air conditioner that reaches 10 to 15 years old and requires multiple repairs should be replaced. There is no sense in spending money on multiple repair projects once your air conditioner has reached a decade in age. In general, if an air conditioner repair bill is one-third or more of the cost of a new air conditioning system, it makes sense to invest in a completely new system. This is especially true for air conditioning systems that are near or beyond 10 years in age. Invest in a new air conditioner and you will enjoy the many benefits provided by today's energy-efficient models. These new units reduce utility bills and generate incredibly clean air. A new system won't require a steady stream of repairs like an air conditioner that is nearing the end of its useful life.


Take a look at your monthly energy bill. Compare it to the prior month's bill. If there is an upward trend even though you have not decreased your thermostat temperature setting, your system might need to be replaced. Older air conditioning systems' inner mechanisms eventually become worn and require an abundance of energy to generate cool air. In some instances, a repair can be performed. Yet there is no guarantee the repair will stand the test of time. It is possible numerous repairs will be required, making it more economically prudent to invest in a new system.


Signs for Air Conditioner Repair


A home that is not cooled in an even manner is cause for concern. The temperature in bedrooms should not be drastically different than the temperature in the living room or other spaces. Air conditioners that are in proper working order spread out cool air in an even manner across the home's entirety. In many instances, uneven cooling is the result of clogged air ducts. Have the ducts cleaned and the cooling might even out. It is also possible that the air conditioner itself is malfunctioning.


If your air conditioner turns on and off without much time between the cycles, it requires a repair. When functioning properly, air conditioners cool a living or working space to a temperature below the level set by the user. It turns back on once the air returns to the selected temperature.


If you notice system warning lights on the interface, don't panic. This is a sign your air conditioner requires some sort of repair or maintenance. Reach out to our air conditioner aficionados for an in-depth analysis and repair.