Most people forget about the air ducts in their home and business. They are out of sight and consequently, out of mind. If you neglect your air ducts long enough, they will eventually accumulate dirt, allergens, dust, and all sorts of other grime. The problem is you might not know your air ducts are rife with such particles unless you are aware of the common signs that air ducts require a cleaning.

Be Proactive by Inspecting the Vent Covers

Open up a vent cover and take a look inside. If you spot any debris, dirt, or other particles, it is an indication you are breathing in compromised air. Do not delay the cleaning of such compromised ducts. Have your air ducts cleaned at least once per year to ensure you do not breathe air laden with allergens, insect droppings, dirt, dust, and other gunk.



The presence of mold is a clear-cut indication your air ducts need to be cleaned. Mold is dangerous to everyone in your household, including your furry friends. Mold will eventually become a serious problem unless it is tended to in a timely manner. If you spot any sign of mold growing in your air ducts, reach out to our HVAC experts right away for a comprehensive clean.


Indications of Rodents or Pests

If you spot a mouse, rat, bugs, or any other type of rodent or pest, do not take any chances with your air ducts. There is a good chance these little buggers have made their way into your air ducts and left feces and urine behind.  They might have even brought bits of food into these spaces as well. Even the presence of insect droppings around the house is a sign your air ducts might be compromised. Any indication of a rodent means it is time for your system to be thoroughly swept.


Listen Closely to the Flow of Air

Turn off the TV, radio, and any other source of noise. Listen closely to the air as it flows through the ducts. If there is any type of noise besides the blower motor, it is a sign the air ducts have a blockage in the form of dirt, dust, allergens, or other particles that have accumulated over time. It is also possible a blockage has formed after a piece of insulation has become trapped within the ducts. Either way, the air ducts must be cleaned sooner rather than later to ensure system functionality and clean air.


Watch the Vent Upon the System's Start-up

Turn on the air conditioner and observe the vent as the motor kicks into action. If there is a blast of particles, be it dust, dirt, or anything else when the system turns on, it is a sign the air duct must be cleaned right away.


Examine Inlet Areas

In most homes, return air inlets are located by the floor. It is possible for objects and particles of all types to drop on down into these vents and prevent air from reaching the blower motor. If you spot any type of blockage in the return vent, it must be cleaned. Furthermore, you should also check to ensure nothing blocks these vents such as a child's toy, a pillow, magazines, furniture etc.


Contact Us Today to Schedule an Air Duct Cleaning

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