Signs It is Time to Have Your HVAC System Inspected by a Professional


Most heating and cooling systems function without flaw across all four seasons. However, there are some instances when the attention and expertise of professional HVAC technicians is necessary. If you notice any of the red flags outlined below, reach out to our heating and cooling experts for an in-depth inspection. We will diagnose the problem, develop a plan of action and provide you with a free quote.


Odor Stemming From the HVAC System


If you notice any sort of odd odor coming from your heating or cooling unit, it is cause for concern. It is possible a part is overheating, that a small rodent or insects are trapped in the machine/ducts or that something else has gone wrong. Let our experienced HVAC professionals inspect your system to determine exactly what is going on.


System Warning Lights


If any of the system's warning lights are illuminated on the thermostat interface, do not shrug it off and assume the system will function as designed. The illumination of such a light is a sign that something might be seriously wrong with your heating or cooling system. Do not wait longer than a couple days from the time in which the warning light illuminates to call our HVAC professionals.


Odd Noises


If your heating or cooling system is making unexpected noises, there is likely a problem that requires the attention of a professional HVAC technician. Though every heating and cooling system will make a little bit of noise during operation, particularly loud noises are a warning sign. Any sort of clanging, grinding or banging noises from your heating or cooling system must be addressed so the problem doesn't worsen and spiral into an even costlier project.


Energy Bills are Rising Without a Temperature Change


If you haven't adjusted the temperature of your living or working space but your energy bills continue to go up, there might be something wrong with your system. You should not have to pay through the nose to heat or cool your home or office when you aren't setting the temperature at a particularly low or high level. The solution might be a surprisingly simple repair of your thermostat or heating/cooling system.


Issues With the System Turning on and Off


If your heating or cooling system won't turn on or off or continues to cycle on and off in a repeated fashion, it requires the attention of one of our HVAC aficionados. You have plenty to lose from a furnace or air conditioner that turns on and off over and over again with little time in between cycles. Such activity will increase your utility bill and unnecessarily tax your heating or cooling system. This overworking of the system will cause significant wear and tear and possibly force an early replacement. Contact our HVAC professionals for an accurate diagnosis of the problem. We'll get your heating or cooling system back in shape so it maintains your selected temperature without constantly cycling on and off.