Any old air filter will not suffice for your home's unique HVAC system.  The air filter prevents impurities, including allergens like pollen, from entering your home and reducing the quality of your air.  The unfortunate truth is many homeowners make at least one mistake when selecting an air filter for their home heating and cooling system.


Mind the Fit


Take a close look at your system's current filter before tossing it and buying a new one.  Otherwise, you might end up buying a filter that is too large and won't move into the slot as it should.  If the air filter is too small, it won't cover the full space.  It might permit dirt, allergens, dust and other unsavory particles to move on past.  If you do not know which size filter is ideal for your system, take a look at the manufacturer’s specifications.  You can also reach out to one of our experienced HVAC technicians for assistance.


Check the MERV Rating


Air filters are sold with varying MERV ratings.  MERV is an acronym that stands for minimum efficiency reporting value.  The typical air conditioner has a MERV rating between one and four.  Some go upwards of a MERV rating of eight.  A high MERV rating is an indication the filter has an especially fine mesh and can remove tiny particles from the flow of air.  Do not use a filter that has a higher MERV rating than what your unit is meant for.  If your air filter's mesh is overly fine, the system will not have the energy required to pull air through as designed.  The end result might be significant damage to the furnace or air conditioner.


Consider the Merits of Disposable Air Filters and Washable Air Filters


Take a look at your system to ensure it can take a washable air filter.  If your system will accept either a disposable or washable air filter, consider the merits of both before making a commitment.  Washable air filters are a bit more expensive yet they eliminate the need for regular replacements.  If you do not minding washing the air filter, the washable variety might prove optimal.  Our HVAC technicians can help you select the air filter that is best for your system.


Consider Different Types of Air Filters


There are different types of air filters beyond the washable and disposable variety.  If cost is a concern, consider the affordable fiberglass filter that mainly functions to safeguard the system.  This is an economical filter but might pose some issues for those who have respiratory problems as they do not improve home air quality as well as other varieties.  Those who are susceptible to allergies or breathing problems should consider a high efficiency home air filter.  This variety of filter is more costly yet it can protect the system and filter out small particles better than the comparably cheap air filters.


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