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Turn to TemperaturePro Central Maryland for comprehensive air conditioning solutions and conquer the notorious Gaithersburg Maryland heat.

TemperaturePro offers personalized air conditioning and cooling solutions including a/c repair, maintenance, and system replacements for your home or business. We service Gaithersburg, Potomac, and Central Maryland.

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Stay Cool...Stay Comfortable...Stay Healthy 365 Days A Year!

Maryland summers are getting more hot and humid year after year. Air conditioning is not just a luxury any more but rather it is a necessity to stay cool, stay comfortable, and stay healthy. A dependable air conditioning system also helps to save you money and conserve energy.
TemperaturePro is your local and dependable partner in Gaithersburg as across central Maryland. We work hard to ensure your Gaithersburg air conditioning system operates efficiently and saves you money, while maintaining a comfortable indoor climate. Stay Cool…Stay Comfortable…Stay Healthy 365 days a year!
Schedule your multi-point inspection & service for:

✔ Air Conditioning Repairs and Service
✔ Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement
✔ Air Conditioning Maintenance & Tune-Ups
✔ Ductless Air Conditioning Systems
✔ Heat Pumps
✔ Split System Air Conditioner
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Air Conditioning in Central MD

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Is your Air Conditioning system causing you to be hot under the collar? Today’s air conditioning systems are more complex than ever which is why you need a friend in the air conditioning business to ensure your system is repaired when you need it most. TemperaturePro provides fast, efficient, and affordable service.

Air Conditioning Service and Repair in Gaithersburg

As the Maryland weather heats up, you rely more and more on your air conditioner. Summers in Gaithersburg, Rockville, and Bethesda are notoriously hot and humid. Don’t get caught in the heat if your system lets you down! Your home should be a cool sanctuary and a relaxing escape from the heat outdoors.
Keep your system operating at peak performance. Early hints that your system may require service or repair:

✔ Noisy system or a system that emits unusual sounds
✔ Air conditioning system does not turn on
✔ Dust or dirt accumulation around vents
✔ High humidity when your system is running
✔ Unusually high energy bills
✔ Warm airflow when it should be cool
✔ Frozen Coilso Leaking Fluid
✔ Inconsistent temperatures
✔ Air conditioner is always running - doesn’t cycle off
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24-Hour Emergency Air Conditioning and Cooling Service in Gaithersburg and central Maryland

Emergency -  A/c service in Gaithersburg, MD
Regardless of where you live in Gaithersburg, Potomac, or Central Maryland, our 24-hour emergency A/C repair technicians are always nearby to provide fast and reliable diagnostics and repairs when you need it most. When the temperature is triple digits, a broken air conditioning is more than just frustrating it can be life threatening. Call us at the first sign of air conditioning trouble, and we will get your home or business back to a comfortable temperature quickly and efficiently.

Things to Consider When Buying a New System

The Size of Your Home:

Every home and location is unique; therefore your heating and cooling needs are unique as well and should match your individual needs. TemperaturePro will conduct a detailed measurement of your rooms, windows, etc to ensure you get the absolute best system to meet your individual needs and adequately heat or cool your home. A bigger or more powerful system is not always better. TemperaturePro will ensure the system you purchase is exactly what you need and save you money in the process.

A Personalized Load Calculation:

To determine the best and correctly-sized system, TemperaturePro will conduct a personalized Load Calculation This load calculation is unique to your home and takes into account many factors such as window count, window location,ceiling height, fireplaces, room size, duct work, pets in the home and the number of people in your family. Choosing the right-sized system will ensure you save money on your energy costs and that your system operates at peak performance.

Hands-On Inspection of Ductwork:

All ductwork is not created equal. In fact, the ductwork is an important component to ensure you have the most efficient system. We evaluate and inspect all existing ductwork including evaluating the size and the length of the ductwork to ensure peak performance and the correct amount of heating and cooling to your personal space.

Personalized System Features:

TemperaturePro will spend the time discussing and seeking your input on the all the features and benefits of the system. We will also answer all your questions to ensure you are absolutely comfortable with your decision.

Payment Options:

TemperaturePro offers financing and accepts a variety of payment options and will work with you to identify the one that’s best for you.